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The Benefits of our Free Customer Membership

A unique feature of the Advice Guru website is our Customer Learning Zone. Find out all about the options available to you as a homeowner over the age of 50. We have many ways to learn with us to suit all learning styles.

There is a huge amount of information to consider when looking at your options for borrowing. We have created five sections with five topics in each that are answered for you. Simply choose whether you would like to watch a video, listen to the audio, read the transcription or download the information.
Each of these can be saved to your Account for you to return to them at a later stage. You are even able to share them with family, friends or your Advisor.

When (and if) you are ready to ask a specialist, qualified Advisor questions, then you can use our unique Advisor Match service. Factors such as method of contact, Advisor Qualifications, Experience and previous Client Reviews are available to guide your decision.

Our unique approach to learning and later life borrowing advice…and what it means for you:

Education, Empowerment and Support For Homeowners

The Six Stages Of Your Journey

Our website is designed to enable you to understand the potential six stages of your borrowing journey, from enquiry, through learning to understanding

When you want to ask a question, use the ‘Contact Us’ link which takes you straight to us using phone, Whatsapp, email or letter. If you are ready to speak in more detail with an Advisor, go to the ‘Advisor Match’ service.

Once you have chosen the Advisor that you would like to work with, they will discuss your enquiry in detail. Part of this will be to assess your financial situation to work out the best Advice for you.

The Advice process should always consider all types of Mortgage. Equity Release, Retirement Interest Only (RIO) and Residential Interest Only will be the main three types considered for homeowners over the age of 50/55. Of course, not borrowing money using your property, or not borrowing at all, also need to be options that you and your Advisor consider. Many other options exist including taking in a lodger to raise cash.

This is where having a great Advisor can prove to be a huge benefit. Having completed research for you and given advice, subject to your confirmation that you wish to proceed, your Advisor will now complete an application for you. They will then work with the lender, your solicitor and you over the next 6-8 weeks to achieve completion.

Completion is the day that the lender completes their processes and the solicitor receives the mortgage funds. The solicitor then pays the funds to the destination account. This should not be where your relationship with your Advisor ends though. Ongoing support and communication between you is vital to ensure that any future changes in your circumstances are discussed and considered. Many Advisors offer an Annual or Biennial review to keep up to date with any changes.

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