How Do I Release Equity From My House?

‘Well, I think to use very good mortgage broker who explains everything to you to possibly find solicitors who are a little bit more hands on, a little bit more friendly, a little bit more helpful, I think on a personal level, not just professionally, because I’m sure they’re extremely good in what they do. But I was under the impression that everybody got an equity release mortgage when they were buying another property. But that isn’t the case, is it? This is quite unusual, from what I gather.’

Will Equity Release Affect My Entitlement To Benefits?

Equity Release can potentially impact means-tested benefits. Receiving a lump sum or regular income from an equity release plan may affect your eligibility for certain means-tested benefits, as they are typically based on income and assets. However, there are equity … Continued

Can I Use Equity Release to Pay Off My Existing Mortgages?

Yes, it is possible to use equity release to pay off your existing mortgage. With a lifetime mortgage, for example, you can release funds to repay your outstanding mortgage balance. This can help alleviate financial stress by removing the burden … Continued